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By the end of this year, New Orleans Red Dress Run will have given local charities over one million dollars. Sweet!

Crescent City Classic is coming up on Saturday, April 19th and the hash will be in City Park. This is a major social event for NOH3 with a lot of hashers coming in from out of town to do the classic and party with us.

Running the Crescent City Classic? Well this is where you want to be after your run. NOH3 is having the REAL party. Not running the Crescent City Classic? YES! You should be here too. None of that Mamby–Pamby Ultra Lite liquid. We’ll have the Good Stuff! And Chef Jack will be providing the Food so you know it will be the best! Join NOH3 in the private party area outside of the track in City Park (In the shade).

Cost of The NOH3 Post Party is $10.00, includes lots of Beer and Food. Get into the party area for free with your race bib and bring non running friends for a $5.00 entry fee. (Our Beer pouring Volunteers will get into the party area without paying the $5.00 fee too. Contact Peter Teaser to volunteer at .) Don’t miss this Party!

Speaking of Parties join us Friday April 18 for the Post Expo Social at Ernst Café. NOH3 will be providing a couple of kegs! 5:00PM

Mardi Gras Madness was great. Sorry for those that weren't here in New Orleans, but there is always next year.

Mardi Gras Madness 2014


NOH3 Green Dress Run - Was on March 16th in Old Metairie. Lots of local and visiting hashers showed up to hash, eat and watch the parade.

Tidy Bowl Man was the Trail Hare, Bend Over Rover and Tidy were the Food Hares, and Shitty Titties was da BEER HARE.

National Tartan Day was a lot of fun and a bunch of hashers joined it to show their colors in the French Quarter.

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"They say it's your birthday..."

Who knows what kind of crazy stuff will show up here. Guess they should have thought of that before they turned me loose. Do check in every now and then. Will be adding more whenever i can find the time. Hope that you find something here that is helpful or at least amusing. If you've never hashed before, all you need to do is check the calendar and show up. You are hereby invited. Oh, and don't wear your new shoes.

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